Personal Tax Enquiries and Investigations

For business owners, it’s an unavoidable reality that your company may become the subject of a tax enquiry or investigation by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). The same also applies to individuals in respect of their personal tax returns.

Such investigations can be initiated by HMRC either completely at random or for specific reasons. If you are selected, we can accompany you in all meetings with HMRC staff, explaining at each stage how the investigation works and what to expect, whilst also guarding against the possibility of lines being inadvertently crossed.

Whilst with random investigations anyone can come under enquiry, you can help to avoid the chance of an investigation into your affairs for other reasons. We know the triggers that often give rise to enquiries if not fully explained to HMRC when submitting returns to them.

Every tax return or set of accounts we submit goes through an anti-investigation scanning check to identify any areas that may lead to an enquiry before they are submitted without explanation.

By addressing such issues at source, we seek to minimise the scope for unnecessary enquiries and their related direct and indirect costs.

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