VAT Healthcheck

We can perform a VAT Healthcheck, either as a one-off exercise or on a regular basis to ensure that you’re accounting for VAT in accordance with current VAT legislation and reduce the scope for VAT errors (we can’t guarantee a total absence of errors, as this would involve checking all transactions).

Our VAT healthcheck is designed to:

  • Ensure that you’re applying the right VAT schemes, including any that are appropriate to your specific type of business,
  • Check a sample of transactions to ensure their compliance with prevailing VAT rules,
  • Where required, update you or your staff regarding VAT rules,
  • Where partial exemption rules are applicable, check that VAT is being calculated correctly,
  • Run through our checklist of common VAT errors, advising as appropriate,
  • Compare Output VAT from returns to recorded turnover within your accounts,
  • Flag any VAT planning issues, cost savings or unused but relevant schemes.

To discuss how Adams Accountancy can assist you with a VAT Healthcheck, please contact us for a free, no obligation consultation on: 01322 250 001 or complete our Contact form and we will get back to you promptly.