Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers some of the questions asked most often by potential new clients. If you would like to discuss anything in more detail or ask us some different questions, please feel free to call us on 01322 250 001

Can I change to Adams Accountancy if I already use an accountant? How complicated is this process?

You can certainly switch to us and we’d love to welcome you!   The process is very easy and requires minimal effort on your part. You simply need to:

 1) Let your existing accountant know that you no longer require their services (you can write if you’d prefer not to call them).

2) Let us know that you have informed them.

In line with our Institute’s professional guidelines, we’ll then seek formal clearance from them, which will include us obtaining any handover information that we may need in order to take over as your new accountant. In keeping with the same guidelines, your old accountant shouldn’t charge you for switching away.

I’ve heard that I might get a tax enquiry if I change accountants…is this true?

Don’t worry, that’s completely untrue. As the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) website says:

“We routinely check a proportion of tax returns to make sure they’re correct and will sometimes need more information to understand the figures. We also randomly select tax returns for enquiry to ensure the system is operating fairly.”

People or businesses are subjected to tax enquiries either completely at random, randomly from within particular industries or because certain figures disclosed within their tax returns have exceeded set thresholds, triggering a review to ensure their accuracy.

You can rest assured that changing accountants has no impact on the chance of being subjected to a tax enquiry.

How are your fees structured?

We’re happy to structure our fees in whichever way best suits you or your business.

We aim to quote and agree a fixed fee with you in advance. If you’d like to spread the cost of your fees to assist cash flow, we can structure them on a monthly or quarterly basis. However, if you’d prefer to pay for our services as they’re completed, that’s fine too. We recognise that no two businesses or individuals are the same, so we aim to provide flexible, tailored billing for each of our clients.

What happens if I need to talk to you during and throughout the year? Will I incur extra fees?

We’d much prefer that you keep in regular contact, updating us on your plans or concerns. Practically speaking, it’s ideal if you ask our advice as things are happening, so we can help put appropriate solutions in place. Finding out later may mean that opportunities to save you money are missed!

Unlike some other accountants, we won’t charge you every time we pick up the phone. You’ll only ever incur extra charges with proper advance warning – which might apply, for example, if you need more in-depth advice or ask us to carry out additional work.

How do I know your fees won’t keep rising each year?

We won’t provide an artificially low quote to win your business, only to start raising fees by significant amounts each year. We know that’s not only unfair, it’s also bad business sense.

We prefer to forge long term relationships with our clients, which involves building trust – and that means being fair and honest about our fees from the outset. Our quotes are always carefully calculated to reflect what we consider to be a fair fee for the work involved.

That’s not to say our fees will stay exactly the same each year, as we’ll need to build in inflationary increases, just like any business should. Equally, you may choose to vary the work that we’re doing for you – in which case we’ll agree revised fees.


Other questions?

If we haven’t answered your question here, please contact us.

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