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As a business grows, you might take on permanent employees who you pay using the pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) system. This deducts tax at source, withholding it on income payments to your employees so they do not have to complete tax returns. It is your obligation to ensure staff are paid correctly through PAYE, meaning you will need to set up a payroll. We offer payroll services like setting up and administering a payroll scheme for you, giving you back valuable time to grow your business further. 

For people in the construction industry, we can also assist with construction industry scheme (CIS) deductions. This is a complex scheme to understand without prior experience – luckily for you, we know it inside out, and can give you the best advice depending on your circumstances. 

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Setting up and running payroll can be complex, which is why accountancy firms like ours offer payroll services to handle it for you. When setting up a payroll scheme, there are many obligations and thresholds you need to meet, such as auto-enrolment and pension schemes. You will also need to deal with PAYE returns, deducting tax and telling HMRC how much each employee has been paid. The process is much easier with an experienced accountant on board, helping you every step of the way. 

We can: 

  • Set up your payroll scheme with you, ensuring it works for your business. 
  • Administer it for you, making payments to employees as often as required. 
  • Calculate deductions, complete PAYE returns and make submissions to HMRC. 
  • Tell you exactly how much you owe HMRC and when to make these payments. 
  • All we need from you are timesheets and hourly rates/salaries – we will do the rest. We will then provide your employees with payslips. 

HMRC CIS returns 

If you work in construction, you likely need to submit HMRC CIS returns. The construction industry scheme (CIS) requires contractors to deduct money from subcontractors for tax and National Insurance. Both contractors and subcontractors need to register, and we can help with the whole CIS return process. 


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Navigating CIS supporting contractors and subcontractors

If you are working in construction, the construction industry scheme (CIS) may be applicable to you. Contractors deduct advance payments for tax and national insurance from a subcontractor’s wages, and both parties need to be registered for lower rates to be applicable. 

Understanding CIS is complex and there are many factors that come into play. We work with both contractors and subcontractors to ensure both parties understand their obligations and will pay the right amount of tax. 

CIS – what’s a contractor or subcontractor?

Subcontractors provide labour services to contractors, but they are not directly employed by them. Typically, a subcontractor isn’t entitled to holiday or sick pay and bears all the risk of the contract – they should have their own insurance and tools. 

Adams Accountancy

CIS contractors

CIS services for contractors

We can:

  • Help you decide if people working for you are legally classed as employees or subcontractors 
  • Get you set up with the CIS so you can make deductions for your subcontractors 
  • Calculate deductions and submit information to HMRC, in much the same way as a PAYE return 
  • CIS sub-contractors 

CIS sub-contractors

CIS services for subcontractors

As a subcontractor, we can assist you with:

  • Getting set up with the CIS
  • Completing and submitting your CIS returns each tax year
  • Calculating if you’re due a rebate
  • Let us handle your CIS returns while you focus on your work.

VAT Cash Accounting:

Are you considering VAT cash accounting for your business? We can provide guidance and support tailored to your needs.


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