Can I make changes to my tax return?


As the deadline for a self-assessment tax return is 31st January 2023, it’s likely that yours is already complete. However, if you find that you have made a mistake or there are incorrect figures in your tax return, don’t panic! There is still time for you to make amends. You can make changes to your tax return after 72 hours of filing it, meaning you can rectify any possible mistakes. We know you may be wondering about the specifics – let us help you out.

When do my changes have to be made by?

After 72 hours of filing your self-assessment tax return, you will be able to make amends and changes if you realise you have made a mistake. Luckily, there is a long allowance of time for you to make your changes in. For the tax return year just gone, of 2021-2022, your self-assessment will have had to be completed by January 2023, but any changes past this point will be able to be made until January 2024. This gives you a year to ensure that your tax figures are complete and correct. It is important to try your best to get these numbers right first time, but if the worst comes to the worst, there is this time in place for you to remedy it.

How do I change my tax return?

The process of changing your tax return depends on the method in which you filed it. If you filed your self-assessment online, you should log in using your Government Gateway user ID and password. The government website instructs that you should:

  • From ‘tax account’, choose your ‘self-assessment account’
  • Select ‘more self-assessment details’
  • Select ‘at a glance’, which should be on the left-hand menu
  • Select ‘tax return options’
  • Select the tax year for the return that you need to make changes to
  • Go into the relevant return, make the changes that you need, and re-file the return

If you submitted a paper tax return, you will need to download a new one. Fill out the corrected pages and send them to HMRC, having written ‘amendment’ on each page with your name and UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference).

What about my bill?

If you’ve done your tax return online, you should be able to see your amended bill straight away. You will also see the following within three days:

  • Any interest you may owe
  • The difference between your previous and current bill, so that you will see whether you owe more or less money in tax

If you would like to consult a professional accountant about changes that you think you may need to make to your tax return for 2021-2022, come to Adams Accountancy. We are experts in the field, and we will talk you through and handle the process of tax return amends for you. For next year, you may even elect for us to take care of your tax return entirely! Give us a call on 01322 250 001 or email for our help and advice.