Why Accounting Firms Are Key Players?

Accounting Firms Are Key Players

In Bexley, accounting firms play a fundamental role in ensuring financial stability and compliance. From startups seeking solid financial footing to established companies navigating complex regulations, accounting firms staffed with qualified chartered accountants provide a wide range of efficient services.

And that is not all – these firms also help individuals with their financial and tax planning.

In this blog, we will discuss their role and services in detail to help you understand how essential your local accountancy firms are in ensuring a solid financial foundation for one and all.

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That said, let us begin with the most basic (yet frequently asked) question about accountancy firms.

What Do Accounting Firms Do?

Accounting firms provide a range of essential services tailored to meet the financial needs of businesses and individuals alike. Simply put, they take your financial and accounting matters into their expert hands to keep you absolutely stress-free round the year.

From preparing financial statements to ensuring compliance with tax regulations to strategic financial planning and more, they act as your trusted advisors and offer personalised insights to help make informed decisions.

Let us explore some of their most essential services in detail in the following sections.

Essential Accounting Services For Businesses And How Accounting Firms Help

1. Bookkeeping

Accounting firms excel in accurate and organised bookkeeping, which involves recording and classifying financial transactions. By meticulously maintaining records of income, expenses, and other financial activities, their expert bookkeepers provide businesses with clear insights into their financial health.

This service ensures compliance with regulations and facilitates informed decision-making.

2. Financial Advice

These firms offer tailored financial advice based on a deep understanding of business goals and market dynamics. They assist in budgeting, forecasting, and financial planning, helping businesses optimise resource allocation and identify growth opportunities.

3. Financial Statements Preparation

Local accounting firms in Bexley compile accurate and compliant financial statements that reflect the financial performance and position of a business.

They interpret complex financial data into understandable reports, thus facilitating transparency and accountability to stakeholders such as investors, creditors, and regulatory bodies.

4. Handling Payroll

Managing payroll is a critical function that accounting firms excel in. They ensure timely and accurate payment of employees while navigating payroll taxes and compliance with regulations.

This service alleviates administrative burdens, minimises errors, and ensures employee satisfaction.

Accounting firms also assist businesses in complying with PAYE regulations, which govern the withholding and payment of income tax and National Insurance contributions from employees’ salaries.

They handle payroll submissions to HMRC (His Majesty’s Revenue & Customs), ensuring compliance with changing tax laws and regulations.

5. Assisting With CIS (Construction Industry Scheme)

For construction businesses, accounting firms provide specialised support in CIS compliance. CIS stands for Construction Industry Scheme. It is a scheme in the UK that regulates payments made by contractors to subcontractors in the construction industry.

Under CIS, contractors deduct money from subcontractors’ payments and pass it to HMRC as advance payments towards the subcontractors’ tax and National Insurance contributions.

Accounting firms manage CIS deductions, verify subcontractors, and prepare necessary documentation to ensure adherence to industry-specific regulations.

6. Accounting For Startups

Accounting firms play a pivotal role in guiding startups through financial setup and compliance. They assist in choosing the right business structure, setting up accounting systems, and navigating initial tax obligations. This peace of mind enables entrepreneurs to focus on business growth.

7. Optimising VAT

VAT (Value Added Tax) is a consumption tax levied on the value added to goods and services at each stage of production or distribution. Businesses collect VAT on behalf of the government.

Accounting companies advise on VAT matters, which helps businesses optimise VAT schemes and comply with VAT regulations. They ensure accurate VAT calculations, submissions, and timely payments, mitigating risks and maximising VAT-related benefits.

8. Accounts Preparation

Accounting firms prepare statutory accounts and tax filings for submission to Companies House and HMRC. They ensure compliance with reporting requirements and assist in tax planning to minimise liabilities while maximising available reliefs and exemptions.

How Do Accounting Firms Help Individuals In Bexley?

Accounting firms in Bexley offer invaluable assistance to individuals beyond their services for businesses. Here is how they support individuals with their financial needs.

1. Personal Tax Returns

These firms take the stress out of tax compliance by managing personal tax returns for individuals. They ensure all income sources are accurately reported to HMRC, taking advantage of available allowances and reliefs to minimise tax liabilities.

This service provides peace of mind of knowing that tax obligations are met efficiently and in compliance with HMRC regulations.

2. Tax Planning

Chartered accountants from accountancy companies develop personalised tax planning strategies tailored to individual circumstances. They analyse income, investments, and future plans to identify opportunities for tax savings.

Whether it is advising on tax-efficient investments or retirement planning, accounting firms help individuals make informed financial decisions to optimise tax outcomes.

3. Handling Capital Gains Tax

For individuals selling assets such as property or investments, accounting firms offer expert guidance on capital gains tax (CGT). They calculate CGT liabilities accurately, considering exemptions and reliefs to minimise tax burdens. This ensures that individuals retain more of their gains from asset sales.


Accounting firms are crucial partners for businesses and individuals in Bexley. They enable businesses to focus on their core operations while ensuring financial stability and compliance with regulatory requirements. For individuals, they make handling taxes a breeze, which ensures their peace of mind.

Adams Accountancy can be your trusted partner on this journey of ensuring a great financial foundation. We are qualified with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and are experienced to tackle any financial or accounting need you or your business may have. Moreover, our processes are digitally backed to ensure the utmost effectiveness. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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