Find An Accountant Near You


Finding the right accountant to manage your finances can be a difficult and daunting task. With this short guide, you’ll get tips on how to research and choose an accountant near you that is trustworthy and meets your needs. Start now and make sure your accounting and bookkeeping is stress-free this year.

Identify the type of accountant you need

Before beginning your search for an accountant near you, it’s important to identify the type of accountant you need. There are three main types of accountants that specialise in different areas of financial management including tax, public, and forensic accounting. Tax accountants prepare tax returns for individuals and businesses, public accountants provide assurance services such as audits and reviews, and forensic accountants investigate potential fraud or other irregularities. It is important to take some time to assess your needs so that you can determine the type of accountant best suited to meet them. For most small and medium business owners, you’ll only ever need a tax accountant.

List your requirements for an accountant

To ensure that you find the right accountant for your needs, begin by making a list of all the requirements you are looking for. Review your personal and/or business finances, including any investments and complex tax arrangements, to help assess which services you need from an accountant. Consider factors such as location, which specialist services they offer (such as taxation planning or business development services), accreditations or certifications held by the accountant and whether they provide both virtual and in-person consultations. You may also prefer to find an accountant with specific experience working within your industry so you can get tailored knowledge and advice.

Ask around for referrals

Word of mouth is one of the most reliable ways to find an accountant near you that is the perfect match for your needs. Ask your friends, family and colleagues for recommendations as these are more likely to be reputable professionals who offer a quality service. It can also help to get details on the experience they had with the accountant, such as pricing and responsiveness. You should also research for additional independent reviews online using sites such as Google My Business, Linkedin or even Trustpilot.

Google ‘Find an Accountant Near Me’

Online research using Google will give you a better idea of the services accountants offer and their specialisms. By viewing accountants’ websites, looking at their customer success stories and their About pages, you can find out more about the firm and how they work with clients. It’s always important to evaluate the reputation of potential accounting firms, understanding their experience in your industry and expertise on taxation, financial planning, payroll advice or other areas that could be of interest.

Contact prospective service providers

Now it’s time to establish contact with potential accounting firms. Get in touch by phone, email or even social media. Many accountants are active on Linkedin, so you could send a direct message via the platform. Inviting accountants for a conversation will enable you to ask further questions and cover any complex or special areas of accounting that you need. Once you have established contact with one or more firms, set a date to meet and discuss your specific needs in detail.

Questions to ask

To make an informed decision about which accountant near you is the right one, you’ll need to ask prospective providers the following questions:

  • What qualifications do you have?
  • What experience do you have working with clients in my industry?
  • What standard services do you provide?
  • What extra/additional services can you offer?
  • How do you charge for your services?
  • What input do I need to have in my bookkeeping and accounting each month?
  • What happens if there is a problem with my tax bill?
  • What customer service levels do you have?
  • What happens if I’m not happy with the service you provide?
  • How can I get in touch with you to talk about my account?

There may be other questions that are pertinent to your personal circumstances, so make a list before you go into the meeting, so you don’t forget to ask.

Get support from an accountant near you today

Let us support you to get your business and personal finances in order for the next tax year so you aren’t scrabbling around in January. Contact the team for a free consultation to learn more about how we help you get your books in order and create better success for the future.

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